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Norton Core Router | The Future of Wifi

“Norton Core is a powerful home router with real-time security” - CNET Secure Wifi is not a thing. Norton has potentially changed Wifi forever by creating a wireless router that secures digital life, while delivering the highest level performance. It features advanced machine learning and Symantec’s global intelligence network to defend your home Wifi and... Continue Reading →

Database Security Best Practices

As the world is more and more reliant on technology each day, it's important for you and your business to protect what is important, more tightly. Physical Safety: Not just for YOU anymore.. Make sure your server is in a secure, locked, environment with specific controls in place to keep unauthorized personnel, out. A web... Continue Reading →

Tech Trends To Watch For In 2017

Artificial Intelligence- From Siri to Alexa, artificial intelligence has been on the rise and is here to stay. Artificial intelligence assistance like Amazon Echo and the new Google Home are HUGE right now. Smart homes are also becoming increasingly more popular. Drone Photography- 5 years ago, most people had never seen a drone before. Now... Continue Reading →

An Amazing Breakthrough for Google’s AI

Back in 2010, a British artificial intelligence company was founded called DeepMind Technologies. They  developed a network that could learn and play video games similar to how a human could. They had high hopes that one day the network would eventually be able to access external memory. This would create a computer that mimicked the short term memory of... Continue Reading →

Pros and Cons of BYOD

The BYOD trend has been pushed forward by millenials, but it's slowing proving that it can be effective in the workplace. Do you embrace "the flat thing" or are you upset by it? The new BYOD trend can bring positive and negative in the workplace. See below on these options and how to outweigh the... Continue Reading →

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