Remote Support

We work, you watch! 

We don’t do anything without your permission and your privacy and security is our highest priority. We will operate your keyboard and mouse to resolve your problem as you sit back, relax and watch the action!

Computer support online is like having the expert sitting at your computer. You control when we have secure access and you can see everything we are doing to make your computer run better and faster. So, if you need to fix a slow-running computer, require data backup and recovery, configuration repair, or you need virus and spyware removal, we can quickly take care of your issue. 

To set up a remote support session:

  1. Request service
  2. We will help you download the Remote Support software. 
  3. Receive an up front pricing quote from us, and you provide explicit approval to allow us to begin working on your case.

Get your computer problem fixed now – fast and affordably – via our secure protection agent.

The fees listed cover our completion of the service job, regardless of time necessary, unless otherwise listed.



Work Description

Virus removal


Stop and remove viruses and spyware running on the computer. Restore home pages, browser, search engines, and hosts file. Delete virus icons and shortcuts. Your computer virus free – guaranteed!

Printer install/troubleshoot


Install drivers from manufacturer’s website or disk, verbal guide to physical connections, set up default printer, troubleshoot printing within an application. Sharing printer over network, wireless printers, configurations.

We will even contact the manufacturer for you, per request. Fees may apply.

Computer Tune-up


Quick: clean registry for junk or old files that are clogging it

Thorough: File system (will not affect your data: defragment, remove temporary files, error check, verify sufficient hard drive storage space). Update OS.

Software installation


Determine compatibility, install/repair and configure, update, create shortcuts

Disk error


Scan for errors and repair. Check the log to verify success.

Increasing font size/readability on screen

$35 (up to 30 minutes)

We will stay on the phone with you to make changes so you can verify that they look the way you want. Operating system font size, internet font size and zoom, screen resolution. How to open accessibility tools like the magnifier and on-screen keyboard.

Help opening, saving, or printing a local file or webpage (to a working printer. For printer troubleshooting, see above). For email attachments, see below


Show you where to click to open, save, and print various types of data files. Download freeware to create PDFs, assign a default program for a file extension, create a desktop icon for program to open file.

Not included: fixing problems on the computer that are causing the file trouble, modifying the contents of the file. 

Email/online fax help

$39 (up to 30 minutes)

Creating emails accounts, importing contacts, message forwarding and account aggregation, sending an email, how to attach a file.

Not included: password recovery.

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